Who is Your Jesus? – Stand Alone Sermon

For the first week of September, we’re having a Stand Alone Sermon.    We add a lot a baggage to who Jesus is. For the first week of September we will look at… Continue reading

Sign on the Dotted Line

Our sermon series for August is called Sign on the Dotted Line: A five week series on keeping our end on the bargain. During this time, we will be discussion what God expects from… Continue reading

In the Beginning

Our sermon series for July is called In the Beginning: A Start at Gen. 1. During this time, we will look at the very beginning and the foundations that scripture is built on,… Continue reading

Famous Last Words

Our sermon series for June is called Famous Last Words. During this time, we will look at some of the famous last words of biblical characters, as well as give opportunities for Allyssa… Continue reading

Announcing the New Pastor

Dear Members and Friends: The Church Council of the Trinity United Methodist church is pleased to announce Bishop Gregory V. Palmer’s appointment of Pastor Justin McCall as the new pastor of our church… Continue reading

The Button Series

In life there are a lot of buttons. Some turn things on; others turn them off. Some can launch rockets; others can sink ships. Some make life easier; some can make life painful.… Continue reading

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers with Pastor Joe   On Sunday, April 13th, we opened up the worship time for questions. People asked a variety of great questions, and I just wanted to take the… Continue reading

Moving Forward

Greetings Church Family, I was talking with a friend of mine, and they asked me how long I had been serving at Trinity. When I counted it up, I realized I am going… Continue reading

Easter 2014

Join us for our annual Easter services on Sunday, April 20th 6:30am – Sunrise Easter Service at Pontiac Park Join us at 6:30am to celebrate the Risen Christ, as we gather for worship and… Continue reading

Lent 2014

Who is this Man? by John Ortberg An Easter sermon series and Wednesday night bible study. Ash Wednesday: Wednesday, March 5th, 7:00pm  Wednesday Night Bible Study: 6:30pm starting March 12th Lent—“Who is this Man?”… Continue reading